Head of Department:  Mrs A. Sacks 

In Sociology, we study the way people are affected by society, and how society is affected by people. Some sociologists see the behaviour of individuals as determined by how they are raised and educated, what media they are exposed to, whether they are rich or poor, men or women, black or white. Others see individuals as powerful in shaping society, and look at the power of some people in labelling others as crucial. What is undeniable is that, as individuals, we spend almost all our time in groups, and in order to understand our behaviour we have to examine and assess the impact of those groups and institutions on us. Throughout it all, we use theoretical perspectives that originated with the industrial revolution (which gave birth to Sociology as a discipline), but are equally focused on explanations that take into account the rapid changes being wrought by globalisation, new technology and the mass media on contemporary society.

The Sociology Department wishes to intensify student's learning by providing stimulating trips, debates and giving the students the opportunity to listen to some captivating guest speakers. 

For a more detailed breakdown of the curriculum please see the Curriculum Overview and more details can also be found in the Curriculum Booklet.