Modern Foreign Languages

Head of Department:  Mr M. Kara

At St Aloysius' College we offer both French and Spanish. From year 7 students will be taught one Modern Foreign Language, with the majority of our students continuing with this subject to GCSE.

Ultimately our aim is to create students who are life-long language learners who are both empathetic and tolerant of other cultures and ways of life.

We emphasise communication and so aim for the target language to be used in lessons as much and as naturally as possible. We challenge and support our learners to become more confident, creative and curious about other languages and cultures.

We try to reinforce French/Spanish as living subjects and we seek opportunities for students to visit France or Spain during their time with us.

We offer after school language clubs at KS3. Clubs where students can access many games, books, and magazines with current topics and interests that may appeal to them, or they may practice what they have learned in class or seek help.

Key Stage 3

Whether studying French or Spanish students cover the same topics to develop their vocabulary, grammar and understanding of their language.

In year 7 students build upon the language learning that has been undertaken at primary school. They will learn to talk about themselves, their family and home life, free time and their school routines. They learn how to ask questions of others and how to take part in social conversations. Students are encouraged to give their opinions and reasons for these.

During year 8 students learn to talk about how they use various media types. They learn about culture and the cities in France and in Spain, where they live, food and celebrations. They learn to use the past tense. They are encouraged to look at the accuracy of their work and how to extend the content of what they write for themselves.

In Year 9, students are building the strong foundations towards GCSE. They learn about travel, region, jobs and identity and culture. They learn a wide range of tenses, including imperfect tense, future tense and conditional. They are encouraged to write extended pieces of writing and focus on the quality of expression by including complex structures.

Key Stage 4

The majority of our students are required to take a language GCSE.

In year 9 students expand their knowledge of tenses, learning to talk about the past present and future. They examine the world of work and jobs for linguists, life as a French teenager and holidays. They also begin to work more independently and benefit from working as part of a group.

During years 10 and 11, students study five themes. These are:

  • Identity and culture,

  • Local Area,

  • Holiday and travel,

  • School, Future Aspirations,

  • Study and work and International and Global dimension.

They are expected to consistently use translation techniques, speak spontaneously in the target language, analyse literary texts and are encouraged to be creative language learners.

Students will be assessed on their listening, speaking, reading and writing.

For a more detailed explanation of the GCSE course and assessments please click here.

For a more detailed breakdown of the curriculum please see the Curriculum Overview and more details can also be found in the Curriculum Booklet.