Exam Results

Statement following our 2021 GCSE results:

Despite a hugely challenging year, the resilience and tenacity of the Y11 students complemented by the incredible support of experienced and passionate teachers has yielded one of the best set of GCSE results seen over several years. We are delighted that all our Centre Assessed Grades have been awarded to our students. This is a testament to the hard work of the staff in ensuring that all CAGs were decided in a professional and honest way using abrange of students' work.

For the first time since the introduction of the new grading system and headline measures, we are proud to announce that our GCSE students scored an A8 figure of 6.1, implying that our students were averaging a grade 6 in their subjects.  This continues the past 3 year upward trend seen for this measure. Another exceptional achievement is 39% of all grades achieved were grades 7 and above. 

 Ms Whyte celebrating outstanding GCSE results with students

Furthermore, 79% of our students achieved a grade 5 and above in both English and Maths, an improvement of 22% from last year and 33% from 2019. Also85% of our students achieved grade 5 or better in English and 86% achieved grade 5 and above in Maths. Both these measures have increased by more than 15% compared to last year. Phenomenal success is seen in Science as well, where 76% of our students have been successful  in achieving at least two GCSE Science grades at grade 5 and above. This measure is 14% better than last year and 20% better than 2019. 70% of our students achieved a grade 5 or better in a Humanity subject (History or Geography), 73% achieved a grade 5 or better in Religious Studies and 82% achieved a grade 5 or better in Spanish. 

The following are some of our exceptional results at GCSE:

Lawrence Andoh 10 grade 9
Bat-Erdene Enkh-Amgala 10 grade 9
Berkay Karakas 10 grade 9

We wish these and all of our students well in the next stage of their educational journey.

New Headteacher, Paula Whyte says, “It is very pleasing to see so many young people making the most of the excellent educational opportunities offered to them at St Aloysius College. I am delighted as Headteacher and I look forward to working with students, staff, parents and Governors to ensure continued success for all of our students. Everyone should be delighted. Well done!”

Statement following our 2021 A-Level results:

St Aloysius celebrates over 140 years of providing outstanding education and pastoral care for students in our community. Steeped in history, the college has produced many successful Aloysians that have gone on to achieve great things. The college continues to secure improved results year on year, which is a testament to the dedication and drive of the staff. Their continuous high expectations for our students ensures that our students are aspirational and resilient, always giving of their best. The college works in close partnership with our parents in supporting the education of our students and ensuring their success. These factors have been instrumental in the stronger outcomes achieved year on year.

It has been another successful year of A Level results . Our students have finished the year strong despite the difficulties of Covid and are up for the next challenge of further education. We are proud to have achieved outstanding results this year and our school continues on an upward trajectory, making stronger progress year on year.

A Level - We had 16 students entered for at least 3 A level subject exams. 

81% of students achieved grades  A - A*, 94% of students achieved grades of A* to B, 94% of students achieved grades A* - C and for the the third year running 100 % of students achieved grades of A* - E.

38% of students achieved grades AAB with 23 grades being A* - A.

Our students have made phenomenal progress with their A Level studies, with the college achieving an average L3 value added of 1.3.

In subjects 3-D Design, Politics and Spanish achieved 100% A* - A grades with Psychology achieving 75% of grades at A* - A, Physics achieving 67% A* - A grades and Chemistry, Economics, Geography, History and Sociology achieving 50% of grades at A* - A.

Most subjects achieved 100% A* - C grades and these include Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English Language, Geography, History, Graphics, Physical Education, Politics, Psychology, Sociology and Spanish.

Our most outstanding students are William Ghebremichael achieving A* A* A., Mathusun Maheswaran achieving A* A A and Mohammod  Hamza achieving A* A B. 


Exceptional results were also obtained on BTEC courses with 7 students taking BTec Business course and all students passing with Merit grades and above. 57% of students achieved a D* - D grade with 100% of students achieving a D* - M grade. The L3 value added for this vocational course is 0.7. George Marley, Godbless Achaempong and Joseph Rozario completed the course with D*DD and Joel Allen achieved DDD, Michael Rice and James Pereira-Foreman achieved DDM. 


Performance Measures (These Performance Measures are not most current) 

Our 2019 Performance Measures show both significant progress, and that we are above in every category compared to the average across Islington.

Key Stage 4


St Aloysius' College


St Aloysius' College



2019 Average

Progress 8

+ 0.07



English Progress   0.37  
Maths Progress   0.33  

Attainment 8




Percentage Achieving Grade 5 or Above in English and Maths




Percentage Entering the English Baccalaureate




English Baccalaureate Average Point Score




Retention (%)




The % of pupils of students staying in education or going into employment after KS4 (pupil destinations)



  2020 2021
The % of pupils of students staying in education or going into employment after KS4 (pupil destinations) 99.3%  


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Key Stage 5


St Aloysius' College (16-18)


St Aloysius' College (16-18)


St Aloysius' College (16-18)








English Progress



Maths Progress



80% 92.3% 90.3%


Latest Destinations Data KS5

Students who either stayed in education or went into employment or stayed in an apprenticeship 


Students staying in education


Students entering apprenticeships


Students entering employment 


Students not in education or employment for at least two terms after study


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