Student Leadership

At St Aloysius College our aim is to develop a culture of leadership with
students and teachers working together to lead and manage change for the common
good. We aim to improve our students’ leadership skills through leadership programs,
strong community partnerships, and a range of leadership experiences. To ensure
that our students fulfil our School’s mission of Education through the Gospel values of
Justice Respect Community and Learning.

Student Leadership Structure

Student Leadership in St Aloysius' College consists of two strands of Leadership, the Student Council and the Student Prefect teams. These strands span across the whole school with Junior Prefect starting their leadership roles from Year 9. Student Council is made up of students representing each year group across the school. Both Student Council and Student prefects have an application process and democratic elections to determine roles and responsibilities. 

From September 2021 we hope to expand our student leadership roles further by developing student ambassadors for each subject.