Our Staff

All of our outstanding staff are hardworking and committed, to ensure that our pupils receive a first rate educational experience.

Senior Leadership Team


Ms P. Whyte

Assistant Headteacher (Intent/Outcome)

Ms S. Kisten

Assistant Headteacher (Sixth Form)

Miss R. Pabila

Assistant Headteacher (Teaching + Learning/CPD)

Mr R. Mahon

Acting Assistant Headteacher (Behaviour & Inclusion/Safeguarding)

Ms A. Garrib

Assistant Headteacher (RE/Personal Development/Catholic Life)

Mr E. Galgey

Associate Assistant Headteacher (HOD Maths/Progress for Key Analysis groups)

Ms A. Toprak

Associate Assistant Headteacher (HOD English/Teaching & Learning  ECT's) Ms E. Doorly


Roles of Responsibility

Acting SEN Co-ordinator

Ms B. Jastrzab

Gifted and Talented Co-Ordinator

Ms S. Kienzel

Whole School Literacy Co-Ordinator

Ms L. Doorly

Heads of Year

Year 7

Dr K. Ali Khan

Year 8

Dr K. Ali Khan

Year 9

Mr J. Neville

Year 10

Mr S. Taylor

Year 11

Ms A. Garrib

Departmental Information

Art and Graphics & Design Technology

Mr L. Northey (Acting HOD)

Ms S. Bass

Mrs C. Sharma

Mr J. Harvey

Business Studies & Economics

To be appointed September 2022  (HOD)

Miss R. Pabila



Ms E. Doorly (HOD)

Ms S. Chambers

Ms L. Doorly

Ms S. Kienzel

Ms A. Jackson

Ms A. Carter

Mr R. Mahon


Ms G. Briody (HOD)

Miss A. Krenc


Mrs G. Rimmer (HOD)

Mr J. Neville

Ms L. Murray

Mr B. Bishop

ICT/Computer Science

Mr N. Kakou

Media Studies

Mr R. Mahon

Modern Foreign Languages

Ms C. Mauris-Blanc (HOD)

Mr D. Gaye

Miss M. Gil Valera

Mr N. Poveda


Ms A. Toprak (HOD)

Dr K. Ali Khan

Mr A. Dapaah

Mr B. Nyame

Ms N. Cetrulo

Ms E. Tilkidag


 Mr O. Bunting (HOD)

Physical Education

Mr S. Henderson (HOD)

Mr A. Emsley

Mr S. Taylor

Mr W. Akuffo


Mr J. Neville

Religious Education/Philosophy

Ms L. Carter (HOD)

Mr E. Galgey

Mr K. Campbell

Mr G. Amoako

Ms L. Whittaker


Ms H. Clarke (HOD)

Mr R. Frimpong

Ms A. Garrib

Ms S. Kisten

Ms A. Bude

Miss H. Jauffur

Ms D. Mirabile

Mr J. Wainwright


SEN & EAL Department

Ms B. Jastrzab (Acting)

Ms E. St Aubyn

Supply TA

Supply TA

Social Sciences (Sociology and Psychology)

 Ms K. O'Donoghue (HOD)

Ms E. Cebir

Student Services

Office Manager/Lead First Aider

Ms L. Jones

Learning Support Manager

 Ms A. Ingabire

Careers Manager / Work Experience co-ordinator / UCAS (Part time 2 days)

 Mr J. Howard

Sixth form Administrator

Ms S. Ruggee

Exams Officer

Mr Z. Maharaj


Mrs B. Norris

Art Technicians

Ms S. Bass

Science Technicians

Mr Y. Mesfin

Ms R. Sagun

Music Peris

Ms E. Sfakianki

Ms K. Smolorz

Mr O. Taylors


If you have an enquiry or require any assistance, please contact us though our enquiries email: enquiries@sta.islington.sch.uk

To ensure enquiries are delivered promptly to the person you wish to contact please include their name in the subject line of your email, i.e. FAO Staff Name.

To contact our SENCO please email Ms B. Jastrzab - Jastrzab.B@sta.islington.sch.uk