Design & Technology

Head of Department:  Mr J. Harvey

“Design and technology is a phenomenally important subject. Logical, creative and practical, it’s the only opportunity students have to apply what they learn in maths and science - directly preparing them for a career in engineering.”Quote by James Dyson.

Key Stage 3

All year 7 and 8 students at St Aloysius’ College study Design and Technology. The two year KS3
course will allow students to learn a wide range of practical skills, as well as opportunities to discuss and consider other aspects of design such as environmental factors, healthy living and the work of famous designers. Students undertake a number of bespoke Design and Technology projects during KS3.

In year 7 students will explore graphical techniques used by designers, learning how to use CAD
software, and how to apply this knowledge to design and make a model both physically in the
workshop but also using our CAM technology. The second project will focus on electronic circuits, learning how to solder, and designing and testing systems and games using electronic components.They will also have an opportunity to study food and nutrition in the summer term, with students learning principles of healthy eating, food hygiene and safety, and kitchen skills.

Year 8 students will build upon their established Design and Technology knowledge and skills to
undertake more complex projects, designing and producing; a clock, a mobile phone holder, and then a plane which can fly round the room. They will also get another opportunity in the summer term to study food technology.

Year 9 students will get a taster of what is like to study Product Design at GCSE by learning to tackle a variety of briefs and how to present their work digitally to client. They will look at the use of different materials and get to use machinery in the workshop as well as improving their 3D design skills on the computer. They will also look at aeronautical engineering in the spring term and finally finish the year with a food technology.

Key Stage 4

Students at St Aloysius go on to study Product Design through the AQA exam board for their GCSE. Students will use their creativity and imagination through the iterative design process and make working prototypes that solve real world problems. We are fortunate enough to have a state-of-the-art laser cutter, 3D routers, 3D printer, lathes, skill,,saws, as well as all the traditional tools you would expect to find in a decent workshop.

Year 11, students will complete a non-exam assessment coursework and a two-hour written
examination. Students will select a challenge from a choice of set contextual challenges given by the exam board. For the coursework element students will have to consider all aspects of the design and make processes to produce a final product based on reasoned design decisions, with consistent evidence of project evaluation, evolution and testing.

For a more detailed explanation of the GCSE course and assessment format please click here.


For a more detailed breakdown of the curriculum please see the Curriculum Overview and more details can also be found in the Curriculum Booklet.