Head of Department:  Ms A. Toprak

At St Aloysius' College our Mathematics Department are incredibly dedicated to ensuring all students achieve their potential and become confident in tackling challenging maths problems. Teachers inspire students with stimulating learning environments, dynamic and engaging lessons. These allow students to relate easily with the fundamentals of Mathematics to enable them to understand more complex concepts. The Maths Department has invested in a number of programs and apps to enrich learning and assist progress, these can be accessed via the Student Hub

Maths is essential to everyday life! We strive to inspire a mathematical curiosity in our students so that they can enjoy implementing their mathematical skills in their futures. A high quality education in Maths is the foundation from which our students can understand the world, and is essential to most forms of employment.

All students regularly study Maths from year 7 to year 11. From year 7 students are taught in set classes in line with their mathematical abilities. Student ability is reviewed regularly throughout all year groups to ensure they are being taught in an appropriate set. Ability sets enable teachers to design lessons and tasks that are appropriate in challenging and supporting all students to achieve the best academic qualifications.

Key Stage 3

Throughout years 7 and 8 students cover; algebra, geometry, probability, numbers, ratio and proportion, probability, and statistics. As students progress through KS3 they are presented with increasingly complex teachings and problems within these topics, continuously building upon prior knowledge, strengthening their understanding and developing their problem solving skills.

For a more detailed breakdown of the topics covered in year 7 and year 8 please see the relevant year group's curriculum handbook which can be found in the student area of our website.

Key Stage 4

All students study Mathematics at GCSE level following the Edexcel course and assessments. 

The course consists of six disciplines; algebra, number, geometry and measures, statistics, probability, and ratio, proportion and rates of change. Students will study each of these topics throughout years 10 and 11, with teachings and problems becoming more complex each year to build upon students' knowledge, skills and understanding.

For a more detailed explanation of the GCSE course and assessments please click herePlease refer to the A-Level section of the website for information about KS5 Mathematics.

For a more detailed breakdown of the curriculum please see the Curriculum Overview and more details can also be found in the Curriculum Booklet.