Graphic Communications

Head of Department:  Mr L. Northey

Students have the opportunity to choose Business Studies as one of their GCSE subjects, and study the course throughout years 9, 10 and 11.

Graphic Design is all around all of us, every day. As technologies develop, and the internet becomes an increasingly important factor in all of our lives, graphic design becomes increasingly important. It is a massive industry which is a growth industry, with a diverse range of roles types of work.

Key Stage 4

Throughout KS4 students will experiment with a range of materials and processes. A lot of the work will be computer based.

Students will be required to use their interest in contemporary design and imaginative flair to explore a range of disciplines and materials, including; Illustration, Photography, Graphic Communication, Typography, Design for Print, Digital media and computer generated imagery.

During years 10 and 11 students will incorporate a range of activities and media, including; computer graphics and animation, lens based media, packaging, printing, calligraphy, posters/flyers and other forms of advertising, logos and corporate identity, signs and symbols.

Students are required to use their developed research skills and creative thinking to innovatively approach an idea or theme with their own ideas.

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