COVID-19 Updates

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following the Government announcement on Monday 4th January, all learning will be virtual for the time being. Please read the information below carefully to ensure you and your son are aware of our home learning procedures and expectations.

Please be assured that we are committed to ensuring that we do all within our power to reduce the impact of the pandemic on students learning and attainment and to keep our students, staff and wider community safe.

All communication will be via the school website and emails to parents, please regularly check your emails and read all information carefully. The letters area of our website will be updated with all outgoing emails.

We thank you for your ongoing support during this challenging period.

Return to School - March 2021

I am delighted that remote learning is drawing to a close and that we’ll have our pupils back on site with a phased return from Monday March 8th. Please read details of the arrangements below. I want to thank you all for your support over the past eight weeks of remote learning. We look forward to all our pupils returning to school, enjoying meeting up with their friends again, re-developing routines, re-engaging in their learning, working hard and making swift progress.

Ms Whyte

Date Year Group Bubble Testing Other Activity for the Day
Monday 8th March

Staff Testing

Year 12 & 13 Test 1 (P5 & 6) - arrive via Main Reception

Pupil registration online at 8.30 followed by Form time until 9.00 (All year groups)

No live lessons due to staff testing/prep for return of pupils on site.
Work will be set for a reading day Years 7-13.

Tuesday 9th March

Year 11 Test 1 (P1-3) - arrive via Forrest Gates

Year 10 Test 1 (P4-6) - arrive via Forrest Gates

Year 12 & 13 on site for lessons (8:30am-3:05pm)

Year 7 - 9 remote learning

Year 10 & 11 to go home straight after testing

Wednesday 10th March

Year 9 Test 1 (P1-3) - arrive via Side Gates

Year 8 Test 1 (P4-6) - arrive via Side Gates

Years 10 - 13 on site for lessons (8:30am-3:05pm)

Year 7 remote learning

Year 8 & 9 to go home straight after testing

Thursday 11th March

Year 11 Test 2 (P1-3) 

Year 12 & 13 Test 2 (P4-6)

Years 8 - 13 on site for lessons (8:30am-3:05pm)

Year 7 remote learning

Friday 12th March

Year 7 Test 1 (8:30 - P1) - arrive via Side Gates

Year 9 Test 2 (P2-4)

Year 10 Test 2 (P5-6)

Years 8 - 13 on site for lessons (8:30am-3:05pm)

Year 7 to go home straight after testing

Monday 15th March  

All students on site for lessons 



Arrangements for Lateral Flow Test 1 (LFT)

Pupils are asked to arrive at the time and date above, wearing a face mask for their first lateral flow test. They do not wear their school uniform and they don’t need to bring a school bag. Pupils will leave directly after their lateral flow test. Parents will only be contacted if the result of this test is positive. Pupils then return to school for face to face teaching the following day.

Arrangements for return to face-to face teaching

The arrival time at school reverts to 8.30am (at the latest) for all Year groups and the departure time reverts to 3.05pm. Years 7, 8 and 9 should use the side gates.  Years 10 and 11 should use the forest gates. Years 12 and 13 should use the front entrance. Boys are asked to go to their usual ‘Year bubble’ areas on arrival at school.
When returning to school for face-to-face teaching, boys should arrive in full school uniform fully equipped with a school bag, books, exercise books, equipment etc ready for learning. In line with recent DFE guidance, boys should wear a plain face mask both in lessons and in communal areas around the school. Hand sanitisation is provided in each classroom but it would be helpful if each boy could carry his own hand sanitiser to speed up entry to classrooms. The homework timetable will revert to what it was in the Autumn term. This is available on the school website.
A catch-up programme is being worked on and will be shared with parents shortly.

According to DFE guidance, every pupil returning to school is to be tested twice in the first week for Covid-19 using the lateral flow tests (LFT’s) subject to parental consent. I would strongly urge parents to consent to this testing in the interest of the whole school community.

If you have not done so already, please complete this consent form and email it to

Home Learning

Students should follow their normal school timetable (amended lesson timings below) and log into to GoogleClassroom by 8:30am daily. Attendance will be monitored.

For Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 all lessons will take place via GoogleClassroom, whilst homework will continue to be set via ShowMyHomework.

For Years 11, 12 and 13 all lessons, classwork and homework will take place via GoogleClassroom.

Timings of lessons:

Registration 8:30am
Period 1 9:00am
Period 2 9:50am
Break 10:40am-11:00am
Period 3 11:00am
Period 4 11:50am
Lunch 12:40pm - 1:40pm
Period 5 1:40pm
Period 6 2:20pm


Please carefully read our Virtual Learning Guide, this was distributed to all students along with their usernames and passwords during the first week of November. If your son has misplaced his log in details please email

Do remind your child to take breaks away from screens as well, and also make time for having fun and connecting with friends and family.

Parent Support

We have all had to adapt to new ways of working, so we want to take the chance to say thank you for all you are doing in supporting your child’s wellbeing and learning during this time.

Dr Emma Silver and Highgate School have kindly shared a talk on 'Parenting in Times of Uncertainty' which provides information and ideas to support parents. The talk discusses how we might overcome some of the unique challenges the pandemic presents as parents. The talk contains Dr Emma Silver's thoughts on what a balanced digital diet looks like, and explores how to support your child’s online learning and how we can help our children manage anxiety and uncertainty among many other useful topics. 

We have put together a Parent Guide to GoogleClassroom for further guidance on how your son can use GoogleClassroom to access lessons and complete work during this period of remote learning.

We held a Parent Support Session on Tuesday 26th January, offering support and guidance covering;

  • E safety
  • Pupil well-being
  • Parental well-being
  • Healthy living
  • Using GoogleClassroom for remote learning

If you missed the session or would like to revisit the information, you can view the presentation slides here:

Provision for Key Worker and Vulnerable Students

In line with government guidance we will be supporting our students and parents by continuing to keep the school open to the two groups of students defined below. The school will remain open to these groups during term time.  Please read this information carefully.

Group 1

Those students who we consider particularly need the support of being in school – we will contact these families to inform them that they will be able to attend school.

This includes:

  • Students with Education Health Care Plans (EHCPs)
  • Students who have an assigned social worker

Group 2

Those students whose parents are ‘Key Workers’. The government has released its guidelines on the education of the children of Key Workers, below is a summary of the list, please see the full and up-to-date list here. We ask that all parents employed within the categories contact the school via 

  • National Health Service staff
  • Education and Childcare
  • Health and Social Care
  • Key public services i.e. Justice system, religious staff, funeral services, journalists and public broadcasting
  • Police officers, Community Support Officers, civilian police staff
  • Prison officers and some other Prison staff
  • Probation Service staff
  • Armed forces
  • Social workers, educational psychologists, and therapists
  • Local and National Government workers
  • Firefighters
  • Some Ministry of Defence personnel
  • Environmental Health Officer
  • Highway Agency Traffic Officers
  • Transport workers
  • Utility workers i.e. gas, electricity, water and sewerage workers
  • Telecommunication workers
  • Food and other necessary goods i.e. production, delivery drivers, sale and delivery of food.
  • Public safety and national security

The full guidance can be read HERE.

Usual school policies will apply for for all students in school:

  • Students are required to wear full school uniform (including snood)
  • You are required to let the school know of any students’ absences by ringing the school on 020 7561 7800, option 1.
  • Students start at 8:30am and finish at 3:05pm.
  • Students entrance via the Main Reception.
  • Students exit via the Main Reception.

Virtual Parent Meetings and Events

Unfortunately most large school events have had to be cancelled for the time being, howevere where possible we will be offering the event virtually.

If you have been invited to a virtual meeting or event please read the invite email carefully and ensure you are able to log on and access the meeting. We recommend you attempt to access the meeting in the days prior to the event to allow time to resolve any log in issues. 

If you have been invited to a virtual meeting via GoogleMeet you can find access instructions below:

GCSE, A level and BTEC Qualifications

We are aware that this is an anxious time for many of our students. We will communicate any information we receive from Ofqual and the exam boards to our GCSE, A Level and BTEC students and parents as soon as we receive details. Please ensure you regularly check your emails for any updates.

Any students who require further support or guidance regarding their GCSE, A Level or BTEC qualifications are welcome to email our Exams Officer, Ms D Gaiu via 

Student Wellbeing

This is a challenging and unprecedented time. Understandably the situation will be causing some concern and distress to our students and their families. As a school we strive to support families in adapting to Home Learning and coping with the impacts of this pandemic.

Staff members will be calling the families of each and every student on a weekly basis to check on progress with subjects, resolve any online platform access issues, support Home Learning and monitor student wellbeing. Students and parents should feel free to raise any issues or concerns during these calls.

Please find below links to online resources that offer mental health support for children and young people.

  • Childline – offers ideas for managing mood and allows access to 1:1 counselling through a web chat; their advice line is 0800 1111
  • Kooth – offers access to resources for managing mood and has an online feelings diary
  • WoeBot – an app that has been developed for teenagers to help them manage low mood and to relax; it can be downloaded for free on a smartphone or tablet

If a young person is worrying about the coronavirus or struggling with self-isolation, there are a couple of websites that they might find helpful:

  • Young Minds
  • Mind
  • CARIS Bereavement Service – Children and young people bereavement support. For parents and teachers we can offer phone support about how to help children with their bereavement issues: 

Other useful links for further support:

We will provide more information on all of the above matters as and when we have it.  Our thoughts and best wishes are with all of our students and their families at this time.