Exam Board: AQA 


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This award is a two year A Level qualification.

Component 1 (Year 12) - Topics 1-4

Component 2 (Year 13) - Topics 1-8


Paper 1:

Topics 1-4

Any content from topics 1–4, including relevant practical skills

91 marks - 35% of A-level - 2 hours

Paper 2:

Topics 5-8

Any content from topics 5–8, including relevant practical skills

91 marks - 35% of A-level - 2 hours

Paper 3:

Topics 1-8

Any content from topics 1–8, including relevant practical skills

78 Marks - 30% of A-level - 2 hours


Component 1 

Biological Molecules; Cells; Organisms exchange substances with their environment; Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms.


Component 2 

Energy transfers in and between organisms; Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environment; Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems; The control of gene expression.


This qualification should enable students to progress on to a Biology degree or a degree that combines biology with another subject such as chemistry. To take both biology and chemistry at A Level would be essential if you wish to study for a degree in medicine or pharmacy. There are various fields of study one may wish to follow such as conservation and microbiology to name but a few


Related subjects include chemistry, physics, maths, physical education, geography, sociology, and psychology.