Music Technology

Exam Board: Edexcel


This award is a two year A Level qualification. 

Component 1: Recording

Component 2: Technology Based Composing

Component 3: Listening & Analysing

Component 4: Analysing & Producing


Component 1: Recording - A 3 minute multi track recording

Component 2: Technology Based Composing - A 3 minute composition

Component 3:  Listening & Analysing - A two-hour listening & analysing Exam

Component 4: Analysing & Producing - A two-hour analysing & producing Exam


A 2 year A Level course that prepares you for an Engineering Degree / Masters’ BEng or Meng or a career in the extensive analogue & digital, electronic, audio & acoustic engineering industries.

Component 1:  Recording

Record a commercial track using multi track recording techniques in the recording studio

Component 2: Technology Based Composing

Compose a piece of music to a brief using sampling & synthesis techniques

Component 3:  Listening & Analysing 

Analyse commercial tracks & their production features

Component 4: Analysing & Producing

Analyse & produce a short track using exam supplied audio files


Audio engineering in the recording industry, radio, television, conferencing, theatre & sports events. Acoustic engineering in the building trade, architecture, building design, refurbishment, acoustic solutions, environmental analysis. Electronic engineering in the commercial & domestic audio, mobile phone, automotive, AV sectors.


Physics, Maths, Computer Science, Music, Media studies