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A level History is a two year course taught by two teachers that aims to be modern, international, inclusive, political and social. Our chosen components reflect this rationale. Above all the course is intended to be relevant, useful and engaging to our students. A level History complements a number of other courses and gives students a strong basis for Higher education and career pathways.


Component 1: Paper 1 -2 Hour 15 exam 30% of total A Level

Component 2: Paper 2 - 1 hour 30 min exam 20% of total A level

Component 3: Paper 3 - 2 hour 15 min exam 30% of total A Level

Component 4: Historical Enquiry (Coursework)20% of A Level marks


Component 1

Britain transformed 1918-97. Explores the immense political, economic, social and cultural changes in this period. Students will consider responses to the challenges of war, economic changes, welfare, leisure time, new technologies and social equality.

Component 2

The USA: Conformity and change 1955-92. A study in depth of the USA through racial and political protests of the 1960s to the rise of right-wing groups in the 1980s, Republican and Democratic party divisions, building on GCSE learning.

Component 3

Britain: Losing and gaining and empire 1763-1914. Explores the development of the Royal Navy and examines Britain’s imperial role in the world considering a wide range of countries and areas of the globe                                                                                 

Component 4

Coursework: Independent study on the end of the Cold war.


Careers in law, journalism, politics, global banking or business or media. History has versatile skills and knowledge which are highly desirable in any profession.


This subject goes very well with Politics, Economics, Law, Philosophy, English literature, Modern Languages, Sociology and Geography. However, History fits very well with any combination of subjects.