Computer Science

Exam Board: OCR


This award is a two year A Level qualification.

Component 1

Computer Systems (01)

Component 2

Algorithms and Programming(02)

Component 3

Programming project (03)


Component 1 (40%)

140 marks, 2 hours and 30 minutes written paper

Component 2 (40%)

140 marks, 2 hours and 30 minutes written paper

Component 3 (20%)

70 marks, Non-exam assessment


Component 1 - Personal Portfolio

Includes evidence in developing ideas, exploring media, developing and applying skills, researching, recording, analysing, reviewing, creating and presenting outcomes from different personal starting points. The portfolio is made up of supportive studies, practical work and a minimum 1000 words personal study (critical written communication).

Component 2 - Externally Set Assignment

Again as above but the theme is externally set by the exam board.


Students have gone on to study and work in many disciplines such as Graphics, Photography, Architecture, Fashion, Fine Art, History of Art and the Media. The manual dexterity skills developed in art are highly valued in many careers, including medicine and dentistry. “If there was a time when creativity was necessary for the survival and growth of any organisation, it is now.” (Ken Robinson 2011) 


The creative and critical thinking skills necessary to study this subject will serve many other subjects such as Psychology and History.