Year 8

Welcome to Year 8 at St Aloysius’ College!

On this page you will find all key information relating to your time in Year 8.

Important letters and exam timetables can be found at the end of this page.

Year 8 Team

Ms Tully

Head of Year

Ms Yepifanova

8A Form Tutor

Ms Goodhart

8P Form Tutor

Mr Poveda

8F Form Tutor

Mr Stevens

8B Form Tutor

Ms Mirable

8V Form Tutor

Mr Owidi

8T Form Tutor

Year 8 Curriculum

The Curriculum Booklet gives an overview of the topics you will be learning in each of your subjects throughout the whole of Year 8 at St Aloysius.

Homework Timetable

Y8 Homework Timetable 2019-2020

Key Dates

Below are some key dates for Year 8 students. Please see our Calendar for all school events.

Y8 Curriculum Evening

Wednesday 18th September 4:30pm-5:30pm

Y8 Retreats

Monday 7th October - Tuesday 15th October

AP1 Exams

Monday 18th November - Friday 22nd November

Careers Interviews

Monday 24th February - Friday 6th March

Y8 Parents Evening

Wednesday 26th February, 4pm - 7pm

Options Evening

Wednesday 11th March, 5:30pm - 7pm

GCSE Options Deadline

Friday 20th March

AP2 Exams

Monday 8th June - Friday 12th June

Y8 Prize Giving Afternoon

Wednesday 15th July

Exam Timetable