Year 10

Welcome to Year 10 at St Aloysius’ College!

On this page you will find all key information relating to your time in Year 10.

It has been a very busy year so far for our Year 10 boys. Our focus for this year is raising attainment and aspirations. 

The following programmes have been running:

TEENS AND TODDLERS: In total we have had 18 boys be part of this wonderful project, where a teen is paired up with a toddler at a local nursery and during supervised sessions the teen and toddler interact with each other. The teen has to teach the toddler basic skills. 

UPWARD BOUND: On a Saturday morning we have 23 boys attending english, maths, science and life skills classes at Metropolitan University. This project is funded by thee Dame Alice Owen Foundation. 

THE BIG ALLIANCE MENTORING PROJECT:  18 boys have been matched to a mentor from MUFG (A city banker from the bank of Tokyo). For 10 months, these boys will meet their mentors every fortnight to learn employability skills. 

READING MENTORS: 15 of our year 10 students have been paired up with a year 7 or 8 learner and they have been mentoring them with their reading. 

DEBATE MATE: A funded project in which our students are taught skills in debating. We have a large number off students on this project. 

IMPERIAL COLLEGE STEM POTENTIAL: 5 students have been selected by Imperial College on a 2 year project. They will attend maths and science intervention at Imperial College on a Saturday morning. 

Some of the trips organised to raise aspirations include:

  • SKY SPORTS - invited our boys over to learn how to become a sky sports presenter.
  • ​ARCHITECTURAL FIRM - invited our students in to introduce them to the world of architecture.
  • GOOGLE.COM - sent in one of their workers to talk to the boys about his job.
  • Psychology students visited THE HOUSE OF SIGMUND FREUD.

Ms. A Garrib

Year 10 Team

Ms Garrib

Head of Year

Mr Frazer

10G Form Tutor

Ms Whittaker

10P Form Tutor

Mr Northey

10K Form Tutor

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10R Form Tutor

Mr Gaye

10W Form Tutor

Mr Harvey

10E Form Tutor

Year 10 Curriculum

The Curriculum Booklet gives an overview of the topics you will be learning in each of your subjects throughout the whole of Year 10 at St Aloysius.

Homework Timetable

Key Dates

Below are some key dates for Year 10 students. Please see our Calendar for all school events.

Y10 Curriculum Evening

Wednesday 11th September, 5:45pm - 6:45pm

AP1 Exams

Monday 18th November - Friday 29th November

Y10 Parents Evening

Wednesday 22nd January, 4pm - 7pm

Deadline for securing Work Experience Placement

Friday 20th March

AP2 Exams

Monday 8th June - Friday 19th June

Work Experience

Monday 6th July - Friday 10th July

Y10 Prize Giving Afternoon

Monday 13th July

Exam Timetable 2019

Week 1


Week 2