Sixth Form Life

In addition to the wide range of subjects on offer in Sixth Form there are opportunities for you to be involved in exciting and challenging activities outside the classroom. We strive to provide you with a platform to demonstrate your skills and achievements, and to develop as well-rounded young adults.

Support and Guidance

We pride ourselves on our strong pastoral system. Smaller form groups with experienced and committed tutors help students with every aspect of their development; pastoral, academic, enrichment, and employability. Form time is spent discussing current affairs, study skills, higher education research and talking to their form tutor about any issues arising from their studies or life in general.

We review and monitor grades throughout the year to ensure students are on track to achieve their potential, and to identify any areas where students may need extra support. After each Assessment Point students are provided with valuable feedback and  there is an opportunity for teachers, students and parents to meet to discuss progress and targets. 

Independent Study

Our Sixth Form Common Room is open all day every day and is only for Sixth Form students. There is also  a private study area situated next to the Common Room with access to computers for silent study. The Study Room is also open all day every day.

We run a supervised study programme which helps year 12 students manage their transition from GCSE to A level. It provides a silent environment for independent learning and ensures students are supported in devising effective personal study techniques.


Examinations and their results are critical to success and we know how important they are to your future. We never lose sight of this. However, we want students to leave St Aloysius’ College Sixth Form with more than just a set of outstanding academic results. We place a high priority on personal development and exposure to extra-curricular activities and experiences.

Increasingly employers and universities are seeking more than GCSEs and A levels; they are looking for interesting young people who can demonstrate a wide range of skills and knowledge. We want every Sixth Form student to have the chance to shine, both academically and individualistically. 

St Aloysius’ College Sixth Form students will have the opportunity to engage in activities such as the following:

  • Sports teams
  • Outdoor & adventurous activities
  • Music performances & productions
  • Charity work for local, national and international organisations
  • Student mentoring programmes
  • Industry experience with local companies
  • Lectures from industry specific professionals

Please see our University and Careers page for more information on the wealth of support we provide to assist our students in achieving their post A level goals.