Our School

About Us

St Aloysius’ College is a comprehensive school for Catholic boys aged 11-19. We take six forms of entry at the age of 11+. St Aloysius’ College is a voluntary aided school, proud of its Catholic tradition and privileged to be the oldest surviving foundation of its kind in the Archdiocese of Westminster being 144 years old in academic year 2022/2023.

Here at St Aloysius we strive to achieve a sense of community within and outside the school setting in which the students may aim for excellence in all areas of development: academic, social, physical, moral, cultural and spiritual. We seek to use every opportunity to widen the horizons of student experience, through school visits and trips, as well as involving them in enterprises with the local community.

The school engenders a respect for the individuality and integrity of all human beings. Inherent in our respect for individuality we should recognise that all men and women are God's creation. There is a commitment to encouraging a strong Catholic ethos and the whole atmosphere of the school reflects this in religious lessons, assemblies, acts of worship, the availability of the Sacraments as well as in the attitude of students, parents/carers and teachers.

Our Mission Statement

Encounter with the person of Jesus makes us who we are and shapes what we do. Being at the service of this encounter is the heart of our daily mission as a Catholic School. The living Christ calls and empowers us to act with resolve and become more fully a place of welcome and compassion which embodies the power, hope and joy of the gospel.

At St Aloysius’ College we seek to educate our students in a multi-cultural environment where Gospel values are lived. We ground all we do as a school community in the mission and ministry of Jesus. Our main values are:

Justice  •  Respect  •  Learning  •  Community

School Vision Statement

  • The school is built on generations of high quality Catholic education over the past 142 years. We will continue to build on this rich heritage by working together as a team to provide all of our pupils with the best possible educational opportunities and support to enable each to develop into the best version of themselves.
  • All leaders- Governors, SLT, Academic Middle Leaders, HOY’s are challenged to inspire staff and pupils to secure a culture of excellence across all aspects of our work, based on our shared values as a Catholic school…..justice, respect, equality, care, compassion, learning and community. By doing this, we will secure the best possible outcomes for all of our pupils thereby improving life chances for all pupils.
  • Working together as a Catholic school community, in partnership with parents and with other external partners, we seek to restore St Aloysius College to its Outstanding status

Our School Day