Student Return Information for September 2020

We look forward to all our pupils returning to school, re-developing routines, re-engaging in their learning, working hard and making swift progress. To facilitate this, we are staggering student returns to ensure that your child is safe and understands how the school is operating in their whole year group bubbles. This means that we are working very differently as a school as each year group will be located to allocated learning bases.

In addition to this, each Year group will have a designated social space, a designated toilet block with soap and handwashing facilities and separate dining arrangements. Hand sanitising stations have been installed around the school and students are encouraged to bring their own if they wish. The school has also organised extra cleaning of rooms and equipment. 

Each Year group will have differing start and finish times to their school day, and will have a designated gate through which they must enter and exit daily. On their Year Group's 'First Day Back' students will have an induction to the school's new ways of working, this day will be shorter than usual so please note the timings. After their 'First Day Back' students will be expected to attend school every weekday at their designated start and finish times. Please see summary of information below and read the full letter relating to your son's year group:

Year Group First Day Back Start Time Finish Time Designated Entrance/Exit Link to Letter with Full Details
Year 7

Friday 4th September 2020

8.30am - 1.15pm

8:30am 2:30pm Side Gate on Thornbury Square Year 7 Return Letter
Year 8

Wednesday 16th September 2020

9.15am - 11.50am

(Virtual Learning from Monday 7th September - Tuesday 15th September)

9:15am 2:45pm Side Gate on Thornbury Square Year 8 Return Letter
Year 9 

Friday 11th September2020

9.00am - 11.50am

(Virtual Learning from Monday 7th September - Thursday 10th  September)

9:00am 3:05pm Side Gate on Thornbury Square Year 9 Return Letter
Year 10

Wednesday 9th September 2020


(Virtual Learning on Monday 7th September and Tuesday 8th  September)

9:00am 2:45pm Back Gates accessible from Archway Road (A1) Year 10 Return Letter
Year 11

Friday 4th September 2020


8:30am 3:05pm Back Gates accessible from Archway Road (A1) Year 11 Return Letter
Year 12

Friday 4th September 2020

8.30am - 12.40pm

8:30am 2:45pm Front Entrance on Hornsey Lane Year 12 Return Letter
Year 13

Thursday 3rd September 2020

10.00am -12.00pm

8:45am 3:05pm Front Entrance on Hornsey Lane Year 13 Return Letter

Students are expected to wear full school uniform (Sixth Form students to comply with dress code) and come equipped with a school bag and a pencil case. Each student needs to bring a full water bottle as the water fountains are out of use. Tissues are available in classrooms but students are encouraged to bring their own.

All students will be provided with a free St Aloysius snood (PPE). This is made of cotton and is washable. This is now part of the uniform and must be worn as PPE when in communal spaces (e.g. corridors, canteen). This snood is not to be worn as PPE in classrooms (LA guidance). No other face masks are permitted. Additional snoods can be purchased from the school at a cost of 50p each.

Should your son/daughter show any symptoms of Covid-19 at school, you will be asked to collect him/her immediately and to take him/her for a test as soon as possible and then communicate the outcome to the school showing written evidence. Further advice on this can be found here.

We appreciate your support, particularly as we navigate this new way of working.