We are Growing Green(er) in 2024

St Aloysius' College is very pleased to announce a partnership that will enhance its students' relationship with nature. The following article in the Islington Tribune sums up the school's tie-in with eco-initiative Growing Green perfectly. 

A SCHOOL is “growing green” after a volunteer group began work on its open space.

St Aloysius’ College in Hornsey Lane will see a new wildlife pond created, alongside meadows and a herb garden.

It is thanks to a partnership with Growing Green (GG), which raises money from community events and funding applications for green initiatives.

It is currently working with 10 schools in London and Essex.

Paula Whyte, Headteacher at St Aloysius’ College said: “Green is our school’s house colour so it seems more than fitting that we enter a partnership with Growing Green.

“There are also other parallels, like our commitment to supporting our students in every way we can in their growth as learners, and human beings in general. We are also blessed with beautiful calm and green surroundings at our Hornsey Lane location, overlooking the borough of Islington and the wider city.”

She added: “It is a known fact that being in touch with the natural world massively benefits overall mental wellbeing, which happens to be a clear and constant focus of life at St Aloysius for everybody coming to our school.”

The aim is to increase the flora and fauna within the school, connect pupils and staff with nature and improve mental wellbeing for the school community.

Jeska Harrington, co-founder of Growing Green, said: “We are very excited to be embarking on this nature project with St Aloysius – they have such a committed and welcoming team who work tirelessly to improve the lives of their pupils, and we can’t wait to see the school and its people bloom.”

[Source: Islington Tribune newspaper; published on 15th November 2023]