St Aloysius’ College Storms to Post-16 Success

Another set of outstanding results from our Sixth Form students.

Despite two lockdowns and cancellation of their 2020 GCSE examinations, our A-Level pupils have proved themselves to be highly resilient. They were very focussed  and worked diligently supported by their teachers and their parents and families.

Their hard work has been rewarded with excellent results at both A-Level and in their Vocational courses.

Both A-Level results and Vocational results have improved significantly since 2019. 

A*-A grades are now at 17%, A*-B grades 52% and A*-C grades 75%. 

82% of vocational pupils achieved D*D*D* or DDD.

82% secured their UCAS first choice placement.

Our OFSTED Section 5 report (July 2022) recognised that pupils at St Aloysius College work hard and achieve well and that staff have high expectations of all pupils and want the very best for every pupil. These 2022 results provide further evidence of this.

As Headteacher, I am extremely proud of what our pupils, staff and parents have achieved and I wish each and every one of them the very best for the future.