St Aloysius' basketball court big hit at Fair in the Square

Our school was present at the annual summer fair with a brand-new attraction - and some helping hands. 

A small student army of volunteers stepped up to guarantee the smooth running of the successful festival in Highgate's Pond Square. "They were super keen to get on with the work and were simply amazing," event coordinator Caroline Rainbird reported back to us  "Super polite and a real credit to themselves and St Aloysius."  

For the first time, our school also contributed to the entertainment offer of Fair in the Square: our basketball mini-court proved a big hit. Four of the national league-winning Aloysius' basketball team showed young kids and teenagers a few tricks of how to get the ball down the net. Large crowds assembled around a state-of-the-art hoop and tried to get their hands on one of the balls. There was also a visit by parliamentary candidate Tulip Siddiq (pictured), who found herself swept up by the youthful buzz around the hoop. "It's great to see that St Aloysius' as a state school sits comfortably and confidently next to the big private schools in Highgate," she commented. 

Festival organiser Madeleine Cosgrave didn't want to miss out and tried a few moves on the Aloysius' mini-court. "It's great to see the guys in action," she said. "We are in awe of their skills and are off to practice our slam dunks ready for next year!"