Internal mentoring scheme finishes on a high note

Our hugely successful internal mentoring scheme brought Year 12 mentors together with our youngest students. 

Maths, Numeracy, English and Reading: these were the subjects in which a group of Year 12 students stepped into the roles of knowledgeable and caring mentors for. Scheme coordinator Ms Mauris-Blanc is pleased as "the scheme has run very successfully this year". Headteacher Paula Whyte adds her voice by praising both staff and pupils involved: "It's an excellent example of impactful pupil leadership at the school," she says. "We're currently looking into expanding it into the new academic year and making it accessible to Year 8 too." A survey conducted at the end of the scheme's run gives good reason to look into the future with confidence: 83% of Year 7 boys taking part said they enjoyed the mentoring, with a whopping 100% saying that they found the programme useful

 The Sixth Form mentors met their assigned Year 7 student every Thursday morning, which was seen by everybody as a fantastic and productive start to the day. Pictured are mentor Adam and mentee Jayden, reading a fiction book in the library.