Growing Green campaign launched in KS3 assembly

Our partnership with eco-initiative Growing Green had the official lift-off.

'I'm so pleased to see this taking shape and contributing to our boys' personal development,' headteacher Paula Whyte said, as a Key Stage 3 assembly marked the beginning of an exciting project to make St Aloysius' College more sustainable. Growing Green representative Jeska Harrington-Gould introduced the students to the proejct details: parts of the school premises will be rewilded, with some areas turned into mini-orchards and herb gardens. There will also be a small pond in which wildlife is given a space to thrive, as well as various patches of wildflower meadows. 'Biodiversity is the key word,' Ms Harrington-Gould told her young audience: 'Making sure that nature has more and more opportunities to spread out and reclaim some of the spaces it would naturally hold.' 

The partnership will first and foremost benefit the students, who will be able to study and learn in closer vicinity to natural habitats. 'There's no doubt that the various projects will help to sustain and improve their mental health,' headteacher Ms Whyte explains. 'Not to mention the multiple opportunities to get stuck in and help with the planting and gardening itself.'

We will of course keep you up to date with the progress of this exciting partnership.