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Welcome to Citizenship at St Aloysius' College

Citizenship and Personal Social and Health Education incorporate those elements of a well-rounded education not automatically included in any other area of the curriculum. Thus, from the beginning, your son is made aware of the school he is in, how it works, why it operates its particular philosophies, what different teachers with different roles and titles do, and so on.

The aim is to develop from this basis the pupils' intellectual, emotional and social maturity through an understanding of themselves, their environment (in and out of school) and the world into which they are gradually growing to play their parts as adults. Large elements of the course are concerned with health education, decision making and, from the beginning of Year 9 onwards, with a structured and detailed Careers' guidance programme which helps pupils to make a realistic choice of career. In health education, emphasis is placed on relationships and within this Christian context, certain aspects of sex education are examined.

Sex education is introduced through Science and Religious Education teaching in Year 7 and continued in later years: as befits a Catholic school, moral and ethical attitudes to relationships in general and to marriage are discussed. The emphasis is on giving pupils the information they need and helping them to develop responsible and Christian attitudes.

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